UV Color Changing Kids Flip Top 12oz Cups - Sublimation Blanks

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TLC Ranch Designs

UV Color ChangingKids Flip Top 12oz Cups - Sublimation Blanks

Kids Flip Top 12oz Cups -  Sublimation Blanks High-quality aluminum 12oz Kids cup! These metal sublimation mugs feature a glossy surface that provides vibrant colors and lids to protect your drink from spilling. Specifications: Create a personalized cup with dye-sublimation and select transfer papers 12 oz kids cup for sublimation Printable polymer outer wrap Stainless steel inner tank Can contain cold or hot beverages Food grade material, BPA free

Product #: Kids Flip Top 12oz Cups
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Heat 360 Degrees, 6 mins

  1. Remove all plastic parts and lids
  2. Cut out design and affix to tumbler using heat tape
  3. Place in Shrinkwrap bag on cup
  4. Use heat gun to shrink bag to tumbler
  5. Place in oven for 6 minutes at 360°
  6. Remove from oven
  7. Remove shrink bag and image from tumbler immediately 

  • We highly recommend testing temperature and time settings before going to production, as oven settings may vary.


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